Remember those client/gameplay updates I've been promising... I'm almost ready to get going on that. This week I've been hunting down excessive server memory allocations and deflating them. The goal is to have a predictable (and low) memory profile, so I can gauge the RAM required to support N players (as N approaches infinity, if all goes to plan). The particular improvements include content persistence, atlas activities, and server startup data indexing. These activities were each consuming large chunks of memory, which could spike and cause OutOfMemoryErrors. One technique I used to lower runtime RAM consumption was to stream content directly to the backing store during persistence, rather than constructing large intermediate data structures in memory. Atlas maps are served up directly from disk, when possible, rather than redundantly inflating/deflating in memory. Startup data indexing now builds its lookup structures on disk, rather than in memory. Overall, this should make for a smoother ride. Although I could spend the rest of my days improving system software design and implementation (resume available upon request), I'm eager to re-focus on the player experience with client and gameplay enhancements. Why can't there be N of me?