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Island Forge is released! Play right now!

Kickstarter Success & Now Free-to-Play!

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With the success of my Kickstarter project, and in response to community input, Island Forge is now Free-to-Play with one-time Membership and other Upgrade options!

If your 30-day trial expired, you can now play again for free with no time limit. Start right from where you left off!

Island Forge @ Kickstarter!

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Potential Games is excited to announce a Kickstarter project for Island Forge:

Island Forge: Establishing A Creative Player Community!

I'm Nathan, the sole developer of Island Forge and founding member of Potential Games LLC. See me talk about the game, myself, and the future of Island Forge! The goal of this Kickstarter campaign is to help me reach more creative players, who enjoy participating in an engaging community.

You can help by sharing on Facebook, Twitter, your own blogs, news sites, and with other communities you participate in! As I say in the video, "That's exactly the kind of community participation Island Forge is all about!" Thank you for your support of Island Forge!

Potential Games Likes Bitcoin

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Potential Games is excited to experiment with Bitcoin, the new peer-to-peer, cryptographically secure, digital currency system:

The sole developer at Potential Games has a background in distributed protocols and cryptography, which gives Potential Games a strong foundation for potential future Bitcoin developments.

If you'd like to encourage our involvement with Bitcoin, please consider a Bitcoin donation or activate your Island Forge membership with Bitcoin!

Island Forge Beta Concludes!

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Potential Games is extremely excited to announce that Island Forge is no longer in Beta!

Read the full announcement.

Island Forge: Beta 2

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We've released a major gameplay update for Island Forge ( http://islandforge.com ) incorporating several improvements prompted by community feedback - many thanks to those who have participated so far. We're excited to welcome new players! Island Forge: Create islands and stories for others to explore!

Island Forge

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Potential Games LLC is proud to present its premier title: Island Forge -- the brand-new old-school massively multiplayer online role playing game, where you can create your own islands and stories for others to explore. Have at it!

Play FREE during Beta!

Island Forge

Potential RPG: Final Alpha

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Potential RPG Final Alpha edition is up and running. The focus of this release is playability, and just about everything has been updated and improved. The world layout has changed (each island is now a self-contained town, expedition, and story). The island builder is easier to use. Character life and experience have been unified (as originally envisioned), but in an interesting new way. Resource processing and equipment crafting has been improved. The catalog of spells, potions, enchanted items, and variety of weaponry has been enhanced. The user interface controls are overall more attractive and functional. There are even some sound effects to be heard. If you're an Alpha Playtester, please have a look. I eagerly await your input and anticipate a slew of new issues (I've already patched a few myself). Meanwhile, I am forging ahead with Beta tasking, much of which is not specifically software or gameplay related.


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Over the past two months, I've kept a feverish schedule of rampant development, all with an eye to playability. Drawing on feedback from alpha playtesting, I've adjusted, tweaked, or at least polished almost all aspects of the gameplay, while maintaining the core tenets of the game design. A new version has not yet been released, but only a handful of high priority tasks remain.

Teaser May 14, 2011

2011 Week 11: Anticipation II

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So much to report... soon. Sleep now...

2011 Week 10: Anticipation

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A week of not-yet-released gameplay-altering changes. Hold fast.